Geographic Focus

The Paul & Emily Singer Family Foundation primarily provides support for projects in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Board members must approve requests for other geographic areas in advance of commitment.

Tax Status

The Foundation will make grants only to organizations which have been recognized as exempt under section 501(c) and which are recognized as public charities pursuant to Section 509(a)91) or 509(a)(2) of the code which are listed in the IRS publication number 78 or can provide to the Foundation a copy of a determination letter issued by the IRS.

Giving Priorities

The Paul & Emily Singer Family Foundation places its philanthropic emphasis on the areas of education, culture, humanitarian missions and animal rights causes. All other grant requests will be considered only after unanimous board approval.


Grant requests for individuals, brick and mortar projects, endowments, and other foundations are not processed.

Important Notes

Generally, annual grants and multi-year are made with board approval.
The board will review only one request from an organization within a twelve-month period.
Organizations that have received continuous funding for three years or more may be asked to refrain from applying for support for a year or more in order that the Foundation might assist other worthy groups.
We encourage you to contact us in advance of proposal submission if you have questions about whether your request fits our current funding priorities. Please email us at